CS:GO Roster Shuffle Mania

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

A lot of roster shuffle news has happened, and it looks like even more will happen. So I’ll just give some quick thoughts about each roster shuffle.

SK + felps: seems like the best bet as they proved to me that can integrate an anti-synergistic player in fox and still be a strong team. Felps is a much better player.

G2 French Superteam: Finally shox and KennyS play with each other. The question I have is about leadership, as I’ve never seen shox lead a team with a top-tier AWPer before.

Mouz: Why?

Liquid + Stanislaw: Liquid finally got what they needed. I have an article coming out about this next week, but suffice to say Stanislaw is the best option they could have gotten from the field.

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