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Hakuho on LirA’s stage struggles: “It’s mostly just jet lag, since he’s been flying back and forth from America to Korea for the past, like, two weeks?”

Slingshot’s Andrew Kim caught up with EnVyUs’ Nickolas “Hakuho” Surgent during Week 2 of the North American League of Legends Championship Series.

Andrew Kim: It’s no secret that EnVy is going through a transitional period due to visa issues and new players. Has that changed your performance specifically?

Nickolas “Hakuho” Surgent: It’s kinda hard because I haven’t had enough time to play with LirA (Nam Tae-yoo), and there’s the language barrier. So since we haven’t been able to scrim for a while, it was pretty hard. We only had two days of practice before coming this week, so I think we’ll get better.

AK: Do you guys have a translator or interpreter on the team as well?

NS: Yeah. Well, LirA understands English pretty well. It’s just he can’t communicate too much advanced stuff.

AK: When I talked to Ninja before, it seemed like there is some kind of problem with LirA. Not that he’s bad, but for some reason he can’t perform as well on the stage. Do you agree with that? If you do, why do you think this is the case?

NS: I think now it’s mostly just jet lag, since he’s been flying back and forth from America to Korea for the past, like, two weeks? So I think once he gets used to the American lifestyle it would be better.

AK: Despite the earlier difficulties in the split, there’s still plenty of time for EnVy to make a comeback and try for the playoffs. How is the team looking forward into the future?

NS: For now, everyone on the team thinks we’ll be good once we start scrimming as a full team, and since we’re 0-4, there’s nowhere to go but up right now. So I think it’ll work out in the end.

AK: Is the team not too disappointed (in the 0-4 start) because of the fact that you guys couldn’t scrim as a full team?

NS: I think most of us are disappointed mostly because of the visa issues, but we’ll have more time to practice and get better before playoffs.

AK: What are some of the things you’re really good at? What’s something that you think you can show in the NA LCS that you’re good with let it be champion picks or plays?

NS: I think I’m a pretty strong laner, and generally I’m good at mage supports, which is what the meta is right now. So, I just want to show that I can do that, aside from that I just want to be able to work with LirA better.

AK: In terms of the 10-ban system, do you think much has changed or is it just more of the same?

NS: I think people have to play a lot more champions now, so I like it. I play a bunch of different random supports. Not much really changed in terms of what’s meta. It’s still the same game and same champions usually. It’s just sometimes you have to play a Tier 2 pick or something.

AK: What are your thoughts on the support Camille pick the LCS saw earlier? Do you think it’s a viable choice or a one-off cheese strategy?

NS: I’d rather have Camille in a solo lane because that champion is busted. I feel like you should probably give her farm and then she’ll kill everybody. I mean it worked out but I didn’t think it was that strong. I think you can punish her really hard in lane if you do it right.

AK: With more veteran players dealing with injuries, have you experience any? Or what are you doing to prevent injury?

NS: I don’t experience any wrist pain, but I do a lot of wrist exercises daily whenever I’m in between games or before games. I’m just stretching my wrists.

AK: Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan said that he doesn’t think the AD Carry role is weak, just that the supports are strong. Do you agree with him?

NS: No. If you look at damage charts from those games, you’ll usually see supports near the top so, I would say most of the time yeah, but most ADs that do a lot of damage take forever to scale, so you can’t really pick them. Right now it’s still utility ADs like Ashe, Jhin.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games/Slingshot illustration