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Wolf: “My ability to adapt to the meta is because I don’t play support in solo queue.”


SK Telecom T1 took down MVP 2-0 Sunday as SKT’s support Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan was acknowledged as an MVP along with jungler Han “Peanut” Wang-ho. In the post match interview with the SpoTV interview team, Wolf revealed his secret to understanding the meta for so many seasons.

“My ability to adapt to the meta is because I don’t play support in solo queue,” he said. “I think that helps. I always put in fill and play whatever role I am assigned. When I was an amateur, I used to be a jungler, so that’s the most comfortable for me.”

Wolf is also undefeated as Malzahar support, and though MVP tried to use Syndra to counter his pick, Wolf managed to play circles around it in lane, and said there has yet to be a true counter to support Malzahar.

“There’s not really a counter against Malzahar,” he said. “(The Afreeca Freecs’) Tusin (Park Jong-ik) used Brand, and a lot of other picks come out. I think of all of them, (Syndra) is the best one. I don’t really know. There needs to be more experimentation.”

Peanut was also asked about his new demeanor as a member of SKT, with some fans concerned that he is smiling a lot less compared to his days with the ROX Tigers. Peanut assured the fans that nothing bad is happening, just that the team’s atmosphere is different.

“It’s not that the team makes me smile less or have less fun. It’s more when I was in ROX, the other players often sang and made jokes before the game,” he said. “In SKT, we’re told to take the game seriously and calmly, so it’s that I don’t have much to smile about if anything.”

Wolf also chimed in briefly to give a more historic context to SKT’s atmosphere.

“It’s true that our team is quite reserved,” he said. “After we messed up the 2015 MSI because of the overly high energy, since then we’ve changed that.”

If anything, according to Peanut, it’s more of the same until they get into the booths.

“When we get to the arena, the team speaks less,” he said. “They’re really fun to be around before we get into the booths, but afterwards they’re not as active.”


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