Afreeca Spirit: “We’ll work harder to have a clean 2-0 victory, even though our next opponents are SK Telecom T1.”

The Afreeca Freecs finally put another win on the board on Tuesday as they took down Kongdoo Monster 2-1 in League Champions Korea action. But in the post match talk with SpoTV’s interview team, Afreeca jungler Lee “Spirit” Da-yoon expressed his persisting disappointment and the team’s goal.

“We really had trouble coming together as a team and kept playing as individuals as late as our previous competitive match, so we really wanted to bring our team performance back up,” he said. “We wanted to recover our team performance and that we should all play well together, so winning in a 2-1 is rather disappointing, even though it is a victory. We’ll work harder to have a clean 2-0 victory, even though our next opponents are SK Telecom T1.”

Lee “KurO” Seo-haeng also revealed that the team was going through a rough time after their consecutive losses, and that they had to rally to pull out a victory.

“We really wanted to win, but we kept losing in 2-1, and lost 2-0 against the Jin Air Green Wings,” he said. “Our entire team went on tilt, but thankfully we (received) good feedback, and this victory is that much sweeter because of it.”

Spirit also showcased his comedic interview style when talking about playing Rengar, a champion often banned on the red side as one of the most powerful jungle champions.

“The answer is clear; the reason they gave me Rengar was because they thought I wouldn’t do well if I don’t play Olaf, so they just left it open,” he said. “This is what happens. I will continue to punish teams that give me Rengar. I recognized (the evaluations that said I can only play Olaf). I did know that, and I practiced a lot.”

Behind the scenes, Spirit also took the time to thank KurO for giving the confidence that he needed in order to play as well Tuesday as he did.

“I feel like my confidence goes down when I play a champion that isn’t Olaf,” he said. “I feel that I need to put relentless pressure in the early game, but (KurO) told me, ‘You’ve always been good with champions like that, you should go out there and play confidently like you always do,’ and my play changed from that point on. So I want to thank him for his encouragement. I also think that (KurO) made decisions to really help me out.”


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