Afreeca’s head coach iloveoov on SKT prep: “Although we only had one day to prepare, the entire team cut back on sleep.”

After the Afreeca Freecs did the unthinkable on Thursday by taking down SK Telecom T1, the head coach for the Freecs Choi “iloveoov” Yeon-seong said that the team prepared for the match for only one day during an interview with OSEN’s Ko Yong-jun.

“The players got very enthusiastic when I said I would give them one day off if they win. I guess that’s why they were able to perform this feat,” he said jokingly. “Although we only had one day to prepare, the entire team cut back on sleep. We did scrims late at night and early in the morning to prepare.”

In regards to Afreeca’s aggressive play style against SKT, coach Choi said that it was also part of the plan, but wasn’t as successful as he would have hoped.

“We prepared a 2-0 build,” he said. “In terms of StarCraft, it would be a five drone strategy. But since SKT is such a strong team, it didn’t work. The game came down to management, and thankfully the players played it well. Before the game I told them that there is nothing to be gained by just being dragged along without making anything happen and then losing. We agreed to try something bold as a team and practiced.”

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