Funny connections between SKT, iloveoov and JulyZerg

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Yesterday Afreeca beat SKT 2-0 and iloveoov did a post-game interview. Andrew Kim translated the interview which you can read here. There were some amusing parallels to be had here. Iloveoov was once the head coach of SKT’s SC2 division and before that was a player coach in Brood War and before that was a superstar player in Brood War. He was considered one of the bonjwas in Brood War history.

He was one of the few players so dominant that they gave him a throne opening.  Faker was given the same treatment nearly a decade later. That’s just a funny connection. What really made me laugh was what iloveoov said in his interview, “We prepared a 2-0 build,” he said. “In terms of StarCraft, it would be a five drone strategy. But since SKT is such a strong team, it didn’t work. The game came down to management, and thankfully the players played it well.”

While it didn’t work, what he did was the same thing that JulyZerg did to SKT back when he was on the team. JulyZerg was a legendary Brood War Zerg player who was hired to help them in Proleague. Instead he failed and he moved to another team. He then went on to beat the SKT player Best in the finals of an OSL and in two of the three games utilized an early pool to win them. Just an amusing thought that Iloveoov in his own way mirrored what JulyZerg did to SKT all these years later.

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