Bang on his favorite plush: “It was so cute and I like it so much that I named it ‘Jun-sik Junior.'”

During the pause in the match between SK Telecom T1 and bbq Olivers, photos circulated of a small replica plush of SKT’s AD Carry Bae “Bang” Jun-sik next to Bang in the booth. According to Bang during an interview with Daily eSports’ Lee Si-woo, it was a fan gift, and something very precious to him.

“It was a gift from a fan,” he said. “It was so cute and I like it so much that I named it ‘Jun-sik Junior.’ I kept him in my bag, I took him out because I felt bad to see him in there. I played with him since there was some pause time. (The reason I took it’s clothes off) was to show him off before the camera panned to me, and also to show that I could change the clothes on him.”

He also chose to shave off his beard after a couple of matches of growing it, when asked about it, he gave a simple answer.

“I wanted a change,” he said. “(The bearded one) isn’t me.”

With the BBQ Olivers focusing their bans on the bottom lane, Bang also seemed indifferent about the whole thing, even criticizing BBQ’s strategy.

“Rather than doing that, I think they could have pressured us with a smarter draft,” he said “I thought if it was really worth it to ban out all the AD Carries and then take Ziggs. I think it’ll take more than that to affect our performance negatively. I feel like it was a needless draft strategy. It was actually more comfortable. I happily thought what champion I should play instead. I think I can play anything against Ziggs.”

Slingshot staff writer and Korean League of Legends expert who also owns a Pikachu-themed iPhone case.

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