Faker: “I think I also need to work on my poor decision making.”

After SK Telecom T1’s game against Longzhu Gaming on Tuesday, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon were invited to the post-match interview with SpoTV’s interview team as the MVPs of the match. During the interview, Faker seemed very honest in criticizing his recent performances.

“I think deaths themselves come from making mistakes, so I think the increased number of deaths recently have been mistakes,” Faker said. “In the bigger picture, I think I also need to work on my poor decision making.”

Huni also had a commanding performance as Camille, creating a platform for SKT’s victory, but Huni also talked about a small story behind SKT’s coach Kim “kkOma” Jung-gyun holding Huni’s hand before the game.

“Taking Camille as the first pick means I have to perform well on it, since the opponents have room to take two good picks in response,” Huni said. “I was kind of nervous, and when (that happens) I get sweaty hands. So the coach wiped the sweat on my hands.”

Another question was directed towards Faker in regards to his team’s drafting, specifically the banning of Jayce and Ryze when they are on the blue side. The reason, according to Faker, is because of the current meta.

“Right now we think there are a lot of OP champions,” he said. “We can make a balanced draft by taking out those picks, which is why we fall into those patterns.”

Faker also talked about another behind-the-scenes anecdote with Kang “Blank” Sun-gu returning to the jungle.

“Lately Blank has been doing so well, so I’m thankful for him carrying us like I thought he would in Game 2,” he said. “When Blank came in the booth, the coach also told the team to call him ‘hyung’ (meaning “older brother,” also a title of respect) because he played very well, and I took it as a joke, but then Blank started using informal language in game all the sudden, so I was surprised.”

Despite Faker’s thoughts on it, Huni also chimed in, saying that “if (Blank is) good at the game,” he is deserving of any title.

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