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StarCraft 2 player JonSnow says he is still owed $10,000 from October 2015 WSVG tournament

Professional StarCraft player Jarod “JonSnow” George says he is still owed $10,000 from a tournament he won nearly a year and a half ago.

George took first place at the World Series of Video Games in October 2015 in the south Asian country of Maldives. The event included tournaments in StarCraft2, Hearthstone, FIFA and Age of Empires 2 and boasted a total prize pool of $50,000.

“When a player wins a tournament with an established prize pool and that player is not paid the predetermined prize, that’s an unlawful action,” George’s attorney Roger Quiles said in a statement to Slingshot. “Jarod worked hard to earn that prize money, and we’re considering all legal options available to ensure that he receives it. Given WSVG’s extensive delays, nothing is off the table.”

The event was criticized from the start for poor production, and according to a GosuGamers report from last April, $32,000 of the $50,000 in prize pool was still not paid at six months after the event.

George has been in communication with Luis Prata since the event, most recently November, with Prata giving delays and excuses for the lack of payment, Quiles said. Prata reportedly cited failure from sponsors (including the Government of Maldives) as a reason for not paying and said the company was liquidating its assets to finish payments.

Prata gave a similar account to GosuGamers in April and said the WSVG was waiting to be reimbursed for unexpected costs.

“We ended paying many, many expenses that were supposed to be covered by the government, as per agreement established in December 2014, and on which terms we accepted to organize this event in the Maldives,” Prata told GosuGamers. “Even the simplest of things like no import tax on the equipment that we shipped to the Maldives to run this event were not provided to us, and in some cases we ended up with a part of our equipment stuck on the airport, which clearly made it difficult for us to run some of the transmissions. We ended up paying import tax for some of the equipments we used, the same as we would import these equipments to sell them there, which was never the case. We’re still waiting to be reimbursed for all these expenses. This reimbursement alone would cover the total amount of the prize money pool.”

World Series of Video Games, incorporated in Delaware, is delinquent in its tax filings, according to the state’s entity search. The WSVG’s homepage says nothing beyond “a new platform is coming” and “stay tuned.”

Attempts to reach Prata through multiple platforms were unsuccessful.


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