KT Rolster coach on loss against MVP: “We gained more (from it) than we lost.”

KT Rolster took down Kongdoo Monster 2-0 Saturday, forcing a tie with rival SK Telecom T1 atop the League Champions Korea standings at 7-1. In an interview with OSEN’s Ko Yong-jun, KT’s head coach Lee Ji-hoon said losing to MVP in KT’s previous game provided a good lesson.

“It was important to not lose consecutive matches, and because there is some time before our next match, we needed to win to ride the momentum,” he said. “Because we gained a lot with the loss against MVP, although disappointing, I think we gained more than we lost.”

On the topic of being tied for first heading into his team’s first match of the year against SKT, Lee seemed  excited.

“I didn’t know that we would be facing one another while being tied for first,” he said. “Because our players improved so much in a short time period and are continuing to improve, I think it’ll be a good match. We will face them with guts along the mind of a challenger, and we aim to win the match with a solid performance.”