Highlights of Faker’s Stream 2

Another day, another Faker stream. How blessed are we that we get two back to back streams of the best player in the world? Without further ado, here are some of the highlights from Faker’s stream this morning from yours truly.

Please keep in mind, that the responses can be made in jest (obviously in most cases) and that the team seems to be doing really well with one another.


F: The highlight clips are disappearing on Youtube? Is it because of copyright issues?


Q: Are 3 rune pages enough?

F: You only need  2. You don’t need to make a lot. You could go for 5 if you want to try everything.


F: Translations through donations? That’s a good idea.


F: I need to read my skills but Rumble won’t give me the time. What a mean Rumble. Flash OK….Why did I use Flash?


F: Mid’s dead so I can take the kill. [does nothing] This is a successful roam.


F: Save me! Dodge! Shot gun! Ok! Wait why is my movement speed so slow? Why is it 330? Why is it 330? You should have told me! I wouldn’t have gone in!

Huni: Why are you so bad?


Huni: That’s 1250.

F: What do you mean 1250?

H: That’s 350 bonus gold plus 300, 300, 300.

F: So what? I was talking about movement speed. Why are you saying unrelated stuff you punk?


Q: Deadman’s Plate.

F: Deadman’s Plate. Please let me know more quickly. It’s too late now.


F: What is this OP champion? Why does he feel like Amumu without Skarl?


F: I’m going to turn an Ad on guys. We have to play a lot of Ads we’re told.

H: How many do we need to play?

F: 12 times in an hour for 30 second clips.

H: No way.

F: Really.


F: Man I can’t get into a game. I guess I’ll have to put an Ad on.

H: Again?

F: Yeah.

H: What a monster made by Capitalism.

F: I don’t want to play Ads. I don’t want to.


F: I’ll try to make some emotes for subscribers.


Q: Please tell us the players by their age!

F: Our team’s ages are…I’m too lazy to say. You can look it up online everyone. Don’t ask me.


F: *Donation Sound* Hm? This sound is…?

Q: Here comes $100 Faker, so keep your mouth open for a bit. I’m always rooting for you.

F: Thank you so much for your donation. *opens mouth*


F: Wait did Jam-gu(Blank) get $10,000? …He ignored me. How mean.


F: *misses Q* What? Since when were the minions so good at dodging skill shots?


F: I think we can win if I can play properly.

Blank: Oh? Oh my gosh~!

F: This is because of you! Be quiet!


F: Wait, let’s take the minions on a journey. Come here. Hello Minion~


F: Where is my ult?! Where is my ult?!

Blank: You’re so good at English!

F: Right?


Q: I’m jealous how the corners of your mouth look like you’re smiling.

F: The corners of my mouth aren’t lifting, if you see closely, it’s a shadow. These are shadows. I’m actually frowning.


Q: I got terrible luck with Hex-tech chests so I’m not spending on LoL anymore. So please play Teemo.

F: I’ll play Teemo one of these days. I wanted to play him. I was going to anyways.


Context: There were multiple $10 donations made by someone called “Unranked Teemo Main” trying to get Faker to play Teemo.

Q: Teemo wins.

F: Please don’t spend all of your money like this.


Q: Please say “good night noona (older sister)” so I can have a good sleep tonight.

F: Good night, noo-nim (honored older sister). I hope you have a good sleep tonight.


Q: Do you use OP.gg or FOW?

F: I search using OP.gg a lot. A long time ago, around season 2, I used FOW a lot, but that was when everyone did. Right now I think OP.gg is more comfortable to use.


F: I have so much gold. Becuase everyone has donated so much, I have a lot of money right now.


Context: Faker’s is lovingly called “Our Hyeok” by fans, which comes from part of his name Lee Sang-‘hyeok’.

Q: I am a developer for OP.gg I came here on pilgrimage. Our Hyeok, your Hyeok, My Hyeok.

F: Oh you’re a developer. I feel like you’re lying though. I will choose to believe you. I think you’re real. Who would lie that they are a developer for OP.gg?


F: I’ll get targeted so please help me team! Friends! Yes! This is it! UH?!


F: *Making ult sound effect*

Teammate: You know how to use ults, hyung. You have to make your own sound effects when you ult.

F: What sounds do you make?

Teammate: Pew pew pew!


F: The Syndra killed the team’s mood. AH! Wait I cleansed! You can’t undo suppressions with cleanse.

Teammate: You didn’t know?

F: Yeah.

Questions? Suggestions? Something I missed? Something you’d like translated? You can find me on Twitter @Korean_Mulan or through my email andrew@slingshotesports.com!


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