ROX Mickey on playing Zed: “(Shy) recommended I play it many times.”

The ROX Tigers finally clawed a win on Sunday against the bbq Olivers. After the match, ROX’s top laner Park “Shy” Sang-myeon and mid laner Son “Mickey” Young-min joined the SpoTV interview team as the match’s MVPs.

Mickey talked about the reason how he decided to play Zed, the champion that netted him the MVP nod, but hasn’t been seen previously in Korea.

“I honestly lost a lot of confidence in playing a champion like Zed, but when I play ranked with Shy, he recommended I play it many times,” he said. “So thanks to him I was able to play him again.”

Shy was also a strong carry in Game 1, where he was dominant as Renekton, also showing a good ability to follow up on his team in order to turn the tables as Mickey described while watching a replay.

“At that moment I thought we were in trouble, but Shy said that ‘big brother is here’ and he was really strong,” he said, smiling.

Game 3 also had another MVP candidate in the jungler Yoon “SeongHwan” Seong-hwan, who set up kills for his team numerous times. Fly talked about how SeongHwan responded to the community’s criticism and encouraged his fellow teammate.

“SeongHwan acts like he doesn’t care, but could be a front for the public,” he said. “He knows when he gets criticized, and he seems to even enjoy it at times. In my case I get discouraged, but he always finds a way to get back up so I think he’s amazing. I hope he continues to work well now that he can only perform better.”

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