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‘Chiu on this’ is a short and regular opinion blast

As I’ve watched more and more team based esports games, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best teams all need an “I win” button. This button is usually in the form of a superstar player. Coldzera ruining Team Liquid at Columbus comes to mind. S1mple ruined Fnatic at the Cologne Major last year. NiKo was Mouz’s I win button for the early half of 2016 before he decided to try playing more for the team.

The best teams have multiple “I win” buttons. The majority of the time it’s the superstar player, the one who is consistently excellent day in and day out. You build the team around him (or, if you have more than one, around them), but even the support staff needs to be strong enough to make an impact play that can completely turn a game around. Xyp9x of Astralis is a great example of this. Every player on Virtus.pro can do this.

Even in games that minimize how much an individual can do still must be built around superstar players, and a strong support team that can take over the game every now and again. The most obvious in League of Legends is Faker. I thought Pray was that button for the ROX Tigers last year. In Overwatch, EnVyUs has Taimou. In Dota 2, I feel OG has JerAx and Liquid has miracle (funny as they basically swapped their I win buttons).

Just an errant thought I had while I was watching iceice destroy DC in Game 1 at Starladder last night.


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