AMD to sponsor Lunatic-Hai

South Korean esports team Lunatic-Hai announced Thursday the computer hardware production company AMD will sponsor the team, according to a report from Daily eSports’ Lee Si-woo.

As part of the deal, Lunatic-Hai — one of the most popular teams in the OGN’s Overwatch Apex league — will be provided with PCs equipped with AMD’s newest Ryzen CPU.

“AMD is happy to be providing the new Ryzen CPUs for Lunatic-Hai,” an AMD official said in the article. “We are excited with the mounting popularity of Overwatch, and we believe that the new Ryzen CPUs will give Lunatic-Hai a competitive edge in the future.”

Lunatic-Hai plays Season 1 champions EnVyUs on March 3 in the quarterfinals of Apex Season 2.

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