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Huni: “I think if we work on the early game instability, we’ll be able to do better since the mid and late game are impacted by the early game.”


Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok is still not satisfied even with two wins against his team’s rival.

SK Telecom T1 defeated KT Rolster 2-1 on Sunday, following its first victory against KT three days earlier. Although fans and casters were calling the matches top tier levels of play, Faker said in the post match interview with SpoTV’s interview team that he was still looking to do even better.

“I think we won the game after a lot of mistakes from both teams, rather than us playing very well, which is disappointing,” he said. “Next time I want to do better.”

SKT’s top laner Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon was also part of the interview as one of the MVPs of the match, and also offered deeper insight into what SKT needs to work on for the playoffs.

“I agree that we are lacking in management, and we had many games where we started looking rather shaky,” Huni said. “I think if we work on the early game instability, we’ll be able to do better since the mid and late game are impacted by the early game.”

Huni faced considerable pressure in going up against Song “Smeb” Kyung-ho, who was considered to be the best top laner in the world in 2016. But Huni said his confidence never wavered.

“Even before the KT match, I thought I could win against Smeb if I had some more experience, so I didn’t feel that pressured playing against him,” he said. “If anything I think today’s match and our match on the 2nd of March were some of my better games. I still have much to fix and I want to return with perfect form.”

On the topic of SKT’s usage of Kim “Profit” Jun-hyung in Game 3, Huni said that he was “very happy” with his teammate’s performance, saying that he told Profit that he will play well before the game. Huni also jokingly chimed in that he “deserved to be swapped out” after his Game 2 performance.

To wrap up the interview, Faker showed his usual stance about games before the playoffs, but also said that he was happy to win because he knew the fans would be happy.

“I wasn’t sure if we’d win or lose today. I was very glad that we won because I know the fans will feel relieved. It’s still the regular season so I don’t think this was a very significant game, so I’ll be thinking what to do against KT when we meet them in the playoffs or the finals.”


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