Huni (jokingly): “(Profit and I) are both the official idiots of SKT.”

Not everyone on SK Telecom T1’s squad is as thoughtful or meticulous as the fans might expect them to be, according to the two top laners of the team.

Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon and Kim “Profit” Jun-hyung have been swapping games recently, with both players being praised for their abilities to make some great plays. Profit was able to show his ability against SKT’s rival KT Rolster in the second matchup, a 2-1 win Sunday, and most recently played Game 2 against the Jin Air Green Wings on Tuesday, where he played an incredible Nautilus.

In a rare occurrence, both Huni and Profit were the MVPs Tuesday, and despite the heaps of praise they have been getting, Profit pointed out a common flaw they both share during the post-match interview with SpoTV’s interview team.

“It’s kind of unclear, and this is pointed out for the both of us, we often make very stupid plays,” Profit said.

Huni agreed with his fellow top laner, and further chimed in saying that they “like playing the game thoughtlessly,” making Profit’s point a comment criticism.

“We are both the official idiots of SKT,” he said, playfully.

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