Smeb taken to hospital after skipping post-game fan meet; coach says he’s OK

Not every member of KT Rolster were there to celebrate with the fans after their victory on Thursday.

After Thursday’s match against bbq Olivers, KT announced on Twitter that top laner Song “Smeb” Kyung-ho would be not be present for the post-match fan meet due to “health concerns.” The tweet also said that the remaining four members would take part in the fan meet as planned.

KT head coach Lee Ji-hoon later tweeted an update about Smeb and said he was doing OK after going to the hospital.

“A lot of fans seem to be worried about Smeb’s condition,” he wrote. “Coach (Jeong Jae-seung) took Smeb to the emergency room and after a check up and IV, they were told that there isn’t any big concerns. Thank you to the fans who cared for his health.”

Coach Lee then went on to reply to each fan reply on his tweet, thanking them individually and promising to look after the players more carefully.

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