The starix mystery

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Today starix stepped down as Natus Vincere’s coach. This was likely because he wasn’t able to make the star-studded lineup of NaVi Work under his leadership. At times it felt like the raw skill of Na’Vi was being held down by playing too much to his system without the benefit of having starix call in-game. 

So the question is where will starix go next? I can’t imagine he’d retire or take a step back . He could come back as a player; we’ve never needed more in-game leaders as we do now. The problem is that he doesn’t seem like a guy that wants to move out of CIS, so the options are limited to CIS teams. The next three CIS teams have good in-game leaders in Zeus, Blad3 and ANGE1. Though if Na’Vi take Ange1, I guess he could go there.

In terms of coaching, none of the CIS teams except Flipsid3 have a similar structure that could fit his style of coaching, so that might be an option. Maybe if someone offered him an exuberant sum of money he could fly over and coach a EU/NA team. Among the options, the teams I think would benefit the most could be C9, G2 or mouz.  But G2 won’t let go of SmithZz so that’s a no-go. Mouz is doing well with Imbt, so I don’t think they should bother.

A lot of questions with no easy answer, but no matter what he does, starix has already proven himself to be a great commodity for the right team.

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