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KkOma on jokes about being single: “The players are saying those things because they feel so sorry for me.”


The running joke of SK Telecom T1 coach Kim “kkOma” Jung-gyun’s search for a girlfriend continues to be hilarious.

For the past couple of years, it has been widely joked throughout the League Champions Korea community that kkOma was rather desperate in looking for a girlfriend. With his players making reference to it in streams or interviews, kkOma’s single status has been a semi-frequent topic of conversation. His search has bled over to his players’ social media accounts as well,  as some of them have been making active posts promoting their still-single coach.

In a phone interview with OGN’s casters after SKT’s match against the Jin Air Green Wings on Tuesday, kkOma addressed the conversation and how the desire to find a girlfriend mixes with his desire to win games.

“The players are saying those things (on social media) because they feel so sorry for me,” kkOma said. “I never force them to make those posts.”

When confronted with the fact that the coach often comments on those posts that he’s “waiting” or “in standby,” kkOma quickly said that he meant that in a literal sense, indicating that he has yet to find “the one.”

In an effort from the casters, who want to introduce him to someone, Lee “CloudTemplar” Hyun-woo asked what his preference is if they looked at the female champions in League of Legends. KkOma started out saying that all the characters are very pretty, but was put on the spot when the casters jokingly mentioned Poppy and Illaoi as examples.

“No I meant like Miss Fortune and Sona are all pretty characters,” he said quickly. “I’m just saying it because you guys made me. Not Illaoi though.”


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