The NiP Situation – Your Character is Your Fate

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Flickshot reported today that draken would replace pyth on NiP. This will be the fourth person rotating in as the fifth man for this lineup. When you consider these team shuffles, I like to use Thorin’s model that analyzes the kick and the pickup. Kicking pyth made no sense as he fulfilled his roles and did everything the team seemed to want from him. Picking up draken makes sense in that f0rest no longer wanted to AWP so they wanted another one. In the end, the problem with NiP is systemic. They have the same problems they have always had, but refuse to kick any of the four core players or change the roles of the two star players. That is the real problem of the team and the one that still hasn’t been addressed. They could get a honey moon period (they always seem to), but it won’t last long and not too far in the future, draken will likely be kicked for another fifth if nothing changes.

I am greatly reminded of a SC2 player named MarineKing. In pure mechanical skill he was one of the best players to touch the game. His problem was he was too stubborn with his play style, refused to expand his game or fix the weaknesses in his own game and did almost nothing post 2013 except for one run where the entire game shifted to cover his weaknesses in the Kespa Cup tournament. Even then, his weakness (the same weakness he has always had ) was exposed by sOs and he then went back into obscurity.

Heraclitus once said “Your character is your fate.” If NiP wants to change its fate as the Swedish Titanic, slowly sinking into the ocean, they need to look inward and make the hard choices. But somehow I doubt they will.


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