Taking Aim: Episode 1 (DeKay and Stuchiu)

(Editor’s note: This is the pilot episode of a new Counter-Strike show we are producing. This is a first run through, and there are various kinks to work out and fuck ups to overcome, but we want to deliver an insightful and at times comedic look into the wonderful world of CSGO esports with DeKay’s insider reporting knowledge, Stuchiu’s analysis and my “Budget Semmler” looks. Hope y’all enjoy!)

In the pilot episode of “Taking Aim,” Vince Nairn, Jarek “DeKay” Lewis and Stephen Chiu talk about the important topics of the last week in Counter-Strike esports. They dissect starix’s departure from Natus Vincere and ask what in the world is going on with OpTic? They also play “Buy and Sell” with ELEAGUE’s decision to move beyond Counter-Strike and Ninjas in Pyjamas without pyth and come up with a wish list of ways to improve the North American CSGO scene.

Time stamps:

0:50: Starix leaves Na’Vi
4:55: What’s going on with OpTic?
9:55: Buy or Sell: MVP Awards being given out before the final of the tournament
12:10: Buy or Sell: ELEAGUE doing events other than CS
15:30: Buy or Sell: NiP without pyth
19:20: Wishlist: Ways to fix the NA Pro scene
23:10: Meme or Major: Australians integrating with NA teams
25:44: Meme or Major: Player-owned orgs in China
28:00: Meme or Major: ESL in Sydney
30:20: Award Show


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