TI7 dates, format, event history

TI7 dates are Aug. 7-12 for Valve’s annual Dota 2 tournament. The event will take place at Key Arena in Seattle, Washington.

The International is the largest and most prestigious event in Dota 2. It traditionally has the largest prize pool of any esports event each year. Valve institutes crowdfunding for the prize pools in The International, and the prize pool eclipsed $20 million in 2016.

As prestige surrounding The International has grown, so has the size of the prize pool. The tournament debuted with $1.6 million purse in 2011. It remained the same until 2013, when it grew to almost $3 million. The first large jump in prize pool came in 2014, when the first place team took home $5 million and the total prize pool eclipsed $10 million.

Previous champions

2016 (TI6): Wings

2015 (TI5): Evil Geniuses

2014 (TI4): Newbee

2013 (TI3): Alliance

2012 (TI2): Invictus Gaming

2011 (TI): Natus Vincere

Cover photo courtesy of NIVIDIA/flickr

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