Cpt Jack explains recent intentional disconnects by LCK teams

SpoTV League Champions Korea caster Kang “Cpt Jack” Hyung-woo gave a strategic reason why professional players habitually disconnect before the Nexus explodes.

Multiple LCK teams have been penalized by Riot Games in recent weeks for disconnecting before their games were fully completed. Longzhu Gaming, Afreeca Freecs, and Samsung Galaxy have all been penalized for multiple instances, which resulted in set point losses.

One reason commonly provided for the early disconnects is through force of habit in scrims, but Cpt Jack– a former pro player himself — offered an explanation on Twitter for why that habit exists.

“Why pros mistakenly quit games from time to time: When they scrim on the main servers and the Nexus explodes, the scrim is recorded,” he wrote. “Match records then leak strategies used in scrims, so it’s customary for all 10 players to disconnect before the match is over, so that no such record can remain. What we see on the stage are clearly mistakes of habit.”

NICE GAME TV’s caster Ha “Light Stone” Gwang-seok also chimed in on Facebook and mentioned an occurrence with an unnamed player who apparently has gone as far as removing the F4 key to prevent disconnects but still closed out through the escape key and two clicks out of habit before even realizing it.

“Of course, even if it is habit, we are talking about competitive matches, so they are doing something wrong,” Cpt Jack wrote further. “What I want to clarify is that though some people say that this happens because the players are mad after losing, that is 99 percent not the case. They are mistakes. Let’s not make misunderstandings.”