League of Legends World Championship 2017 dates, location

The League of Legends World Championship 2017 dates are Sept. 23-Nov. 4 in China. The field will increase from 16 to 24 teams, and the tournament will take place in four cities in China.

Wuhan will host the play-in stage from Sept. 23-29 and the group stage from Oct. 5-8 and Oct. 12-15. The quarterfinals will take place in Guangzhou from Oct. 19-22, with the semifinals in Shanghai on Oct. 28-29. The world finals are Nov. 4 in Beijing.

The format for 2017’s worlds will be a 24-team tournament with all 13 of the professional regions being represented at the tournament. The top three teams from Korea will qualify directly for the group stage. The top two teams from the North American, European, Chinese, and Taiwanese regions will qualify for the group stages immediately, with the third seed from each region taking part in a play-in stage with teams from eight other regions (Brazil, Commonwealth of Independent States, Japan, Latin America – North, Latin America – South, Oceania, Southeast Asia and Turkey) to compete for four spots. The final spot will be given to a Wild Card region depending on performances during the Mid-Season Invitational. Last year’s prize pool was $6.7 million.

Previous champions (and locations)

2016: SK Telecom T1 (United States, finals at the Staples Center in Los Angeles)

2015: SK Telecom T1 (Europe, with the finals in Berlin, Germany)

2014: Samsung Galaxy White (South Korea, with the finals in Seoul)

2013: SK Telecom T1 (Los Angeles)

2012: Taipei Assassins (Los Angeles)

2011: Fnatic (Jönköping, Sweden)

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games

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