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Froggen discusses the state of international tournaments and Anivia’s new skin

Slingshot’s Andrew Kim talked to Echo Fox’s Henrik “Froggen” Hansen during Week 7 of the North American League of Legends Championship Series.

Andrew Kim: With Anivia getting a new skin, you also got your own pocket picks video, and I’m sure you had a reaction to that new skin. How are you liking it?

Henrik “Froggen” Hansen: I think it’s really funny. I like the banners on the wall, and it looks good. It also looks different, like everything is kind of red, so it’s just funny, and I feel like it’s a pretty good skin.

AK: From your perspective as a veteran player, what do you think about the status of international tournaments in League of Legends as teams are declining invitations and others are saying more international competition needs to happen?

HH: I think it’s fine to have more international tournaments. I don’t really mind. I think the IEM Katowice thing was because I think, everything in NA is close, just a few games will decide whether you get into playoffs or not, and so everyone wants to try their hardest and be as good as they can possibly be, because spring split actually matters in part for who goes to the world championships, and you also qualify for other international tournaments. I feel like it was just bad timing for most teams, especially in NA to go to it, and it’ll be very stressful for any team that would really go. I do think it’s good, just different times that you can have those tournaments.

AK: Some pros did say that reducing the amount of time for the spring split or maybe just removing the spring split entirely to have that area open for international tournaments could possible. Do you think that would be a viable solution?

HH: I mean, I wouldn’t really mind whatever the solution of the problem would be, but I know that a lot of players already talk about being burned out and stuff. Spring split and summer split don’t really last that long, so if people really get burned out, it would not be a good idea just to remove the spring split and have (one) longer split per season as a whole. I think it’s pretty hard. I haven’t really thought too hard about what the changes would be. I’m just focused on the game.

AK: Do you also watch VODs from different regions?

HH: Yes. I watch pretty much every LCK game, besides that I obviously watch the other regions less. I watch NA quite a bit because obviously I need to prepare for the different teams I’m playing. Besides that I’m watching EU. I will say quite a bit of EU games too because it’s just around the morning, they start and it’s easy for me to catch the games because I wake up early.

AK: Of the VODs you watch, is there a particular player you pay attention to?

HH: I wouldn’t say I have a particular player but obviously I watch SK Telecom T1’s games because they’re the best team, right? They just beat KT Rolster twice. I try to catch both SKT’s and KT’s VODs the most, and then the rest of the VODs I’ll kind of watch when I watch all the other VODs.

AK: There’s very heavy competition in the middle of the LCS as the top seems pretty locked in. What do you think is gonna decide the way it all shapes out?

HH: It’s really hard to tell right now. I think a lot of teams are pretty hit or miss. Some weeks they’ll look bad; some weeks they’ll look good. I don’t really have a preference, and I also really can’t guess.

AK: Who are you looking out for in the final weeks?

HH: I think EnVyUs has been doing really well. When we played them (in Week 6), I believe it was, I feel like they were pretty good. LirA (Nam Tae-yoo) has been, I think LirA is actually really good after watching play a few games, and they tend to do some crazy stuff in the early games. So it’s kind of chaotic. They’ll make a lot of fights happen. I think they’re really interesting to watch. I think they’re better than what the (record) shows right now.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games/illustration by Slingshot