KT Rolster will begin streaming on AfreecaTV on Friday after brief Twitch experiment

KT Rolster and AfreecaTV announced Tuesday a partnership for the streaming of KT’s League of Legends team.

The first stream will be 10 a.m. ET Friday. According to a news release, the partnership comes because “AfreecaTV has furthered their investment in League of Legends related content.” In addition to creating a team, the Afreeca Freecs, AfreecaTV also started producing the League of Legends Challenger Korea season.

KT Rolster streamed briefly on Twitch a few weeks ago as a test.

Fans can follow the players’ individual steams:

Smeb: afreeca.tv/smeb
Score: afreeca.tv/score
PawN: afreeca.tv/pawn
Deft: afreeca.tv/deft
Mata: afreeca.tv/mata

Cover photo courtesy of AfreecaTV

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