Tainted Minds responds to recent controversy, xPecake fires back

An already messy situation in the Oceanic League of Legends region somehow got worse.

The Oceanic Pro League team Tainted Minds found itself in hot water as its players all filed termination notices. Former AD Carry Tristan “xPecake” Côté-Lalumière accused the team of not providing proper practice conditions such as lacking of internet and a poor housing situation. Further allegations of missing payments surfaced as well, and Riot Games launched an investigation on the matter.

Tainted Minds responded on Thursday, addressing the various accusations made by xPecake. The team mostly explained that many of the problems raised by xPecake was out of their control, from record heat in Australia, poor timing, and poorly written contracts. Tainted Minds also wrote that “Player payments provided by Riot were paid immediately to players who provided compliant tax details,” and that the grounds of termination “were not legally sufficient.”

A couple of hours later, xPecake wrote his own response on Tainted Minds’ position in an attempt to “clarify their lies,” and replied to each point raised by Tainted Minds with his own rebuttal. In his rebuttal, xPecake laid out late payments from the team with evidence, and disputed the timeline offered by Tainted minds.

UPDATE (10:50 a.m. Friday): The former manager of Tainted Minds, Fasffy also responded since xPecake’s statement and provided more detail, refuting the statements by Tainted Minds with screen captures of conversations. Her sentiment about the ordeal mirrors the one made by xPecake, further accusing the team for negligence.

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