Riot Games suspends three players from Team Regicide of Oceanic league for boosting and account selling

Riot Games suspended three players Tuesday from Team Regicide, an Oceanic Challenger team, for boosting.

Although initially cleared during Riot’s routine player behavior check, an investigation uncovered new evidence that Yuekai “Cyk” Chan, Thomas “LeeSa” Ma and Bill “Eyla” Nguyen have boosted games in multiple instances and that Cyk has also been selling accounts.

Boosting is when a player pays another higher ranking player to play games in their stead, usually in order to win games and increase the rank of the account. Both boosting and selling accounts violate the terms of use of Riot Games, and professional players are punished severely, “given the higher trust placed in pro players.”

As penalties LeeSa, and Eyla are ineligible for all Riot-affiliated League of Legends competition until the first split of the 2018 competitive season, and Cyk will be ineligible until the second split of 2018.

The suspension comes with Team Regicide set to play in the finals of the Oceanic Challenger Series. The team will still be able to play in the match is it is able to field a full roster and all players pass a behavior check. If that doesn’t happen, Team Regicide will forfeit the match and fall to second place, unable to compete in the coming promotional tournament. In that event, the winner of the match between the third and fourth place teams, Team Noxide and Sin Academy, will earn the second spot to the promotional tournament.

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