Taking Aim: Episode 3: “Return of the VAC”

In Episode 3 of Taking Aim, Vince Nairn, Jarek “DeKay” Lewis and Stephen Chiu discuss Renegades’ attempted purchase of Bee’s Money Crew, ESL’s rule change regarding VAC bans and a Richard Lewis report about potential match fixing in semipro Counter-Strike. They also play “Over/Under” and try to explain why ESL shouldn’t unban known match fixers.

Time stamps:

0:35 ESL Rule change regarding banned players
4:50 Renegades attempted purchase of Bees Money Crew
10:00 Possible match fixing at the semi-pro level
13:10 Pimp leaving Liquid
18:07 Over/Under – number of times premier/major LANs new DIG make the playoffs
19:50 Over/Under – number of Major Finals Hiko reaches in his career?
26:49 Over/Under number of Legends teams who will accept invites to ESL Cologne
30:00 Explain to Me: Why SHOULDN’T ESL unban players?
39:15 Meme or Major: Teams keeping spots instead of players
42:00 Meme or Major: Counter Strike Summit
47:30 Meme or Major: C9 Investment
50:00 Shameless Plugs


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