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Mata: “Recently our style of shot-calling became tiring for my teammates, so we’re in the process of making more team based shot-calling.”

KT Rolster Pawn
KT Rolster

The widely-viewed best shot-caller in professional League of Legends has some alternate views on the matter.

After Thursday’s match against the Afreeca Freecs, the entire KT Rolster team was invited to the post-match interview with OGN casters Lee “CloudTemplar” Hyun-woo and Kim Dong-jun. Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong’s shot-calling has been grabbing attention since an “Off the Record” episode captured how Mata acted as the command tower of the team. When CloudTemplar asked Mata his thoughts on the topic, Mata had some insight about not only his shot-calling ability but also the team’s synergy.

“I don’t think I’m particularly good at shot-calling, but I think my strong point is that I say clearly what I want to say,” he said. “Recently our style of shot-calling became tiring for my teammates, so we’re in the process of making more team based shot-calling.”

The topic then shifted to what Mata thinks is KT’s biggest strength, and after a brief moment, Mata pointed out that Score (Go Dong-bin) is the team’s “biggest positive,” due to his skill and reliability.

Score revealed some of his internal thought process in the interview, too. As the team captain, he felt very strongly about KT’s recent losing streak, and admitted with a smile that he was “quite angry” going into the match with consecutive losses. Score then heaped praise upon the jungler of Afreeca, Lee “Spirit” Da-yoon, which is quite the statement coming from the player many believe is the best jungler in the world right now.

“I think Spirit has been the power behind Afreeca’s recent string of success, so I thought he would do well against us,” he said. “I also thought up a lot of ways to deal with it, but because we’re both talented, it became messy.”


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