Team SoloMid: Organizational profile

Team SoloMid (TSM) is a North American esports organization headquartered in California. Andy “Reginald” Dinh founded the organization in 2009. It fields teams in League of Legends, Hearthstone, Super Smash Bros and Vainglory.

TSM became one of the first teams in North America to qualify for Riot Games’ League of Legends Championship Series. The organization has appeared in every grand final since the LCS began and has won four. TSM has also qualified for every League of Legends World Championship. Reginald played professionally until 2013, when he opted to run the business side of TSM full time.

TSM fielded a Counter-Strike roster after acquiring Team Dignitas in 2015. The players left at the end of 2015 to become Astralis. TSM acquired another team in January 2016. The organization released that roster by the end of the year.

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