Faker (grinning): “I do want to see Bengi, but I don’t really miss him.”

The former “Right hand of God” isn’t as sorely missed as the fans might have hoped.

After SK Telecom T1’s 2-0 win against MVP on Saturday, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok talked with Fomos in a video interview about Bae “Bengi” Seong-ung’s departure from the team. Bengi, a veteran jungler who along with Faker is a three-time world champion, moved to China’s Vici Gaming in December after playing with Faker for four years.

“I do want to see Bengi, but I don’t really miss him,” Faker said with a smile before adding, “Fighting in China.”

Faker seemed more pleased with Saturday’s match, saying that the team “performed as well as we thought,” but also mentioned that the split overall had “a lot of ups and downs” and had some poor games.

He also had high praise for both Samsung Galaxy and MVP, noting that another match against Samsung could be “tough,” and evaluating MVP to have “performed better than expected.” Despite his praise, he said that he has no preference as to what team he plays in the finals of the League Champions Korea playoffs (SKT has clinched a spot in the finals by finishing in first place), and he’s confident his team will succeed against whoever the opponent may be.

On the topic of SKT’s toughest moment in the spring split, Faker mentioned his team’s two close wins against rival KT Rolster in early March.

“There were a lot of dangerous moments against KT Rolster, and we lost a game each match,” Faker said. “So I think beating them was the toughest thing for us.”

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