KT Rolster coach Lee Ji-Hoon: “We lost a lot by not being able to properly team fight at all.”

At the end of a difficult regular season, KT Rolster’s coach reflected on the ups and downs.

After KT defeated Longzhu on Sunday to close its spring League Champions Korea regular season in third place, coach Lee Ji-Hoon talked during the SpoTV post-match interview about the challenges of forming the “super team” many hyped KT to be in the preseason.

“Many people have criticized our team fighting, but we lost a lot by not being able to properly team fight at all,” he said. “There have been some communication errors around securing vision and initiating at inopportune times.”

Coach Lee talked in detail about the difficulties that the team faced during the spring split. He referenced communication issues and the process of working with “players that have all played in different teams for years,” which led to the problems seen throughout the split.

As the third place team, KT will play the winner of the Afreeca Freecs and MVP in the second round of the playoffs.

In Sunday’s game, Pawn earned MVP honors in both games. Lee also mentioned the team’s plan was to incorporate Pawn and build his confidence after some uneven performances to this point of the split.

“Today’s concept was ‘pushing Pawn,'” he said. “The coaching staff and the players got together to create the stage for Pawn to perform before the games today. I think he has our faith since he performed very well today, and picks like LeBlanc has been nerfed, but she can pressure her opponents depending on how she’s utilized so I think she’s still an option we can explore in the playoffs as well, so I’d consider our pick a success.”


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