Taking Aim: Episode 4 — “(E)CS:GO”

In Episode 4 of Taking Aim, Slingshot Editor-In-Chief Vince Nairn talks with Jarek ‘DeKay” Lewis and Stephen Chiu about ECS’ strange statement about Renegades, Bee’s Money Crew and multi-team ownership. They also discuss the StarLadder i-League Season 3 tournament and rank the most dangerous teams in the tournament (below Astralis). They cap the episode by playing “Buy or Sell” and debate whether or not YouTube’s push into esports live streaming is a good or bad thing.

Time stamps:

0:00: ECS – Multiple team ownership, Renegades and Bee’s Money Crew
8:20: GeT_RiGhT almost joined C9
11:50: mousesports may be making a change
16:05: What are you most looking forward for Starladder and the rest of the year
20:30: Tier List: Three most dangerous teams at Starladder (besides Astralis)
26:30: Buy or Sell: Importance of IBP Tournament
28:00: Buy or Sell: A Counter-Strike event in India
30:00: Buy or Sell: Location & timing of ECS Season 3 Finals
33:00: Why Streaming on YouTube is a good idea
36:20: Shameless plugs

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