Evolution of MVP

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I thought it would be interesting to show a basic road map of how MVP Dota 2 rose to prominence. They first joined the game around the end of 2013. They had few players and had to learn the basics from North American imports (like DeMoN). They went to StarLadder and got stomped, but learned how far they had to climb.

They then got a team identity that maximized their play styles and tendencies. They then did a roster shuffle to get the five best players on one team (though there were only about 10 Korean pro players in the entire pool).

At StarLadder’s Counter-Strike event this week, we’ve seen the MVP Project team in the very first phase. The Dota 2 roster took two years to mature, and I still consider their results a miracle achievement even though they didn’t stick around long.

For MVP Project, this is where it starts.

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