MVP head coach: “We practiced (Jarvan IV) a lot…We still have plenty of picks we haven’t shown yet.”

The MVP head coach said his team has plenty more surprise champion picks left for the playoffs.

MVP advanced to the second round of the League Champions Korea spring playoffs after Friday’s 2-0 win against the Afreeca Freecs. MVP will play KT Rolster on Tuesday in the second round.

Friday’s match had the characteristic MVP charm of an unexpected pick: this time Jarvan IV. After the match head coach Kwon Jae-han said in a video interview with Fomos that there’s more unpredictability where that came from.

“We practiced (Jarvan IV) a lot,” he said. “It was one of the central champions today, and although it wasn’t perfect, we played very well, so we used it in Game 2 as well. We still have plenty of picks we haven’t shown yet, so I think the other teams will have a lot to think about.”

MVP fans had some concerns about the matchup against Afreeca, seeing as MVP lost to the Freecs at the end of the regular season. But on the topic of MVP’s staunch difference in play, Kwan said it wasn’t that they didn’t care, but more the players “weren’t in top form, and the players weren’t confident.”

With proper feedback to restore the confidence of the players, it looked like that was the motivation they needed, and the head coach praised the players’ ability to bounce back.

“We gave motivation to the players, and honestly even if I have something in mind, it would be meaningless if the players don’t follow me, but the players have a strong mentality so they follow my direction very well,” he said. “We are very good and being unified.”

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