Pawn: “I’ve never been to an LCK final, and I’d like to win my first one this split.”

KT Rolster Pawn
KT Rolster

The storied career of Heo “Pawn” Won-seok has never included a domestic league final in his home region, and he’d like to fix that.

KT Rolster defeated MVP 3-0 on Tuesday to advance to the League Champions Korea semifinals. Afterward, Pawn told Fomos in a video interview that he never made it to the finals when he was with Samsung.

“I’ve never been to an LCK final, and I’d like to win my first one this split,” he said.

Pawn was previously the mid laner of Samsung Blue, which lost to SK Telecom T1 K in the quarterfinals of his first OGN split in the 2012-2013 PANDORA.TV Champions Winter. He then moved to Samsung White, and though the team never made the LCK finals, it did win a world championship in 2014. Pawn then moved to China’s EDward Gaming.

Pawn also said he was surprised to see MVP beat Afreeca in the first round of the playoffs, as he said that he fully expected Afreeca to win but got the impression that “MVP prepared a lot.”

He also looked back on his first LCK season in a while and shared some opinions about returning to his home region.

“It was pretty tough to work a schedule that had a lot of games in one week,” he said. “It was very comfortable playing in Korea compared to China, especially with the food.”


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