Tainted minds get six months probation and a fine. What?

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Apdo was given a 1,000 year ban for ELO boosting. XiaoWeiXiao was banned for ELO boosting and couldn’t play in the LCS. We found out later that was the only way he could make money. Renegades was tried for player abuse, but as far as I know, none of the evidence was ever shown. This eventually resulted in Riot forcing MonteCristo to sell his team. Players have been fined in the thousands for toxic behavior.

Tainted Minds did a number of terrible things with evidence provided. Poor training conditions, mold, unsafe living conditions and more. You can read the article here.

They were given a six month probation and $7 000 AUD ($5,300) fine.

What the hell is this? I think I’d get an aneurysm if I was paid to follow League full time.

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