Do we win because of confidence or are we confident because we win?

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“I don’t believe in momentum, only skill” was a line uttered by TaeJa. For those who don’t know, TaeJa is the most successful weekend tournament player of all time in StarCraft 2. He was incredibly consistent, and his entire style was based on decision making and an intuitive feeling for the game that was unmatched (except by Life). It’s an insightful quote as it is one of the only times TaeJa ever explained why he believed he was better than the rest of the competition. The rest of the competition believed they needed momentum to win; TaeJa believed he could win because he was better and didn’t need anything like that.

In CS:GO, the terms momentum and confidence are thrown around a lot, even when compared to other competitive games. It makes sense because the battle time of a CS:GO gun fight is far shorter compared to other games like League of Legends, Dota 2 or SC2. The battle can be decided in an instant. In which case, confidence can be a key difference maker in these types of scenarios where instant reactions, positioning, and instinct come into play.

The question I have is this. Do we win because we are confident, or are we confident because we win? This is an important question to answer and I’m not certain if a clear cut one exists, as it largely depends on the type of player and the particular mental state of that player. Personally, I more side on the confidence comes from winning, which comes from being skilled, spectrum.

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