Ex-Tainted Minds player left unsatisfied with Riot Games’ ruling

Riot Games’ handling of alleged mistreatment by Oceanic organization Tainted Minds did little to quell the ire of substitute AD Carry Tristan “xPeCake” Côté-Lalumière.

Cake took to Twitlonger once again Monday to further layout his side of the story while dissecting alleged loopholes in Riot’s investigation into mistreatment by the players’ former organization, Tainted Minds. He criticized Riot for a lull in communication and seemingly not caring for his perspective. Cake also said he was open to going to arbitration over the dispute but after two of his former teammates signed agreements with Tainted Minds, arbitration was no longer financially viable for him.

Riot previously ruled April 13 that Tainted Minds had violated parts of its contract with the players, coach and manager and fined the organization $7,000. Riot also put the organization on six months probation, which drew Cake’s ire because his allegations against Tainted Minds included failure to pay the team or provide a safe living environment for the team.

Riot found Tained Minds failed to provide the players “high-end gaming equipment” as promised in their contracts. The organization was also late in paying the players, though Riot did not act on some of Cake’s strongest allegations.

Cake alleged that Riot Games Oceania did not approach the situation fairly because of close ties between a Riot staffer and John McRae, who invested in Tainted Minds.

During Riot’s 27 day investigation, Cake said was contacted for an interview only once, with the length of “less than a page,” and that McRae was seen with Daniel Ringland, who handled mediation attempts between Tainted Minds and its players. Both were under investigation at the time. Riot said it found no conflict of interest among any of the parties.

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