Riot Games fines Origen over contract mishap

Riot Games announced Tuesday a 10,000 Euro (about $10,700) fine against Origen for failing to sign compliant employment contracts with a number of players and the head coach.

Riot concluded that after an investigation, Origen was found to have not correctly set up employment contracts with their substitute players and head coach. The starting lineup’s contracts were in order with the team participation agreement, but the rules stipulate that all members of the team must comply.

All employment contracts need to follow the rules and regulations of the city they are operating within. Therefore compelling teams to follow proper procedure for property holdings, income tax, health insurance, and the like. According to Riot, Origen did not process the withholdings and contributions properly with their substitute players and head coach.

Origen was relegated out of the European League of Legends Championship Series last week.

Cover photo by Chris Yunker/Flickr

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