Bang: “I did expect KT to make it to the finals. We played a lot of scrims against KT, and Samsung didn’t look like they were in top shape.”

SK Telecom T1 AD Carry Bae “Bang” Jun-sik said he predicted KT Rolster would reach the League Champions Korea finals even though the team struggled at times during the regular season.

Ahead of SKT’s clash with its rival in Saturday’s LCK final, Bang told Fomos the playoffs more or less unfolded as he expected.

“I did expect KT to make it to the finals,” he said. “We played a lot of scrims against KT, and Samsung didn’t look like they were in top shape, so I thought KT would be the finalist.”

Bang went on to say that because they played so many scrims against KT previously, not even the Jinx pick from Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu in the semifinals surprised him, saying that SKT “had a good idea on all the potential champions that might show up.” Whatever happens in the teams’ preparation between now and the final will make the difference, Bang said.

On the topic of his lane opponent Deft, Bang had high praise for his opponent.

“Deft is a good player,” he said. “When looking at players at the professional level, I can’t really think they have a unique play style. Many pundits, reporters, and viewers often say players have their own unique styles, but I don’t think so. I think it boils down to who makes less mistakes. With that in mind, (Deft) is a good player who doesn’t make many mistakes.”

The “Telecom Wars” matchup between KT and SKT seems to be a dream scenario for viewers, as the three time world champions and the Korean super team will go head to head once more. Both regular season matches were close, and Bang was ambiguous when telling Fomos his prediction for the match.

“I think it’ll be 3-0 or 3-2,” he said. “I don’t think there’s a large gap between our teams, so it’ll be the team that’s feeling better or focuses better that wins. If our opponents and ourselves are doing well, I think a lot of games will come down to the wire.”

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