Players from TI6 champion Wings Gaming apparently leave organization

The players for reigning The International 6 champion, Wings Gaming, have apparently left the organization.

After a Reddit post circulated late Tuesday night revealing Wings’ name apparently being changed ahead of the Kiev Major, a translated statement from Anna Zhang, Wings’ media officer revealed that the players have indeed left the organization.

“The team currently does not have a new org. They have simply independently formed Team Random,” she said in the statement. “For fans of the team, they are still playing as the same five.”

One point of contention regarded the rumor of unpaid prize money from The International 6, at which Wings won $9 million for first place. Zhang said the players received their money and the Wings organization took 20 percent of the prize pool.

“And the money went directly from Valve to players’ accounts,” she said in the statement. “There was no way the company could withhold the money.”

Zhang’s statement also made clear the point that she was not speaking as an official statement from Wings (though one ix expected soon), but from the stance of an individual.

Be sure to follow along as this story develops.


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