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New Twitch feature lets users filter League of Legends streams by player rank and champions played

League of Legends Twitch filter by rank and champion
Twitch announced Wednesday two new discovery tools to help sort through League of Legends streams on its platforms.

Twitch announced Wednesday two new discovery tools to help sort through League of Legends streams on its platforms.

Starting today, viewers will be able to sort by the rank of player accounts and filter by champions played. According to a news release, UI will appear at the top of the League of Legends directory for viewers to sort by those options. The idea stems from making it easier to navigate the large amount of League of Legends channels. League of Legends is the most watched game on Twitch, the popular streaming platform.

The new feature will go live in partnership with Riot Games’ release of two new champions, Xayah and Rakan, both of which will be playable for the first time when the new Twitch features go live, according to the release.

“Given how passionate the Twitch community is about League of Legends, it was important to provide new ways to filter content related to the game that were unique to our platform,” said JT Gleason, Twitch’s director of integration success. “It made sense to work with Riot Games to unveil our new metadata features alongside the release of their two new champions.”

In order for League of Legends creators to ensure their streams appear with the correct information, they must link their Twitch accounts with their League of Legends accounts, and Twitch included a link to instructions for doing that in the release.


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