Taking Aim Episode 6 – “Mir Killed NiP” w/ DeKay & Stuchiu

On this episode of “Taking Aim,” Vince Nairn, Jarek Lewis and Stephen Chiu talk about the $2,000 Negev, Peacemaker joining Misfits and Nexa joining Renegades with the acquisition of his visa. They also discuss whether or not mixed-nationality teams will become a trend and what’s going to happen at this weekend’s Counter-Strike Summit.


Time stamps:

0:00 The Motherfucking Negev
03:05 peacemaker stays on with Misfits
08:00 Norse disbands, leaves RFRSH
10:20 Groups for DreamHack Austin
21:45 How much potential is there for mixed nationality CSGO teams?
31:00 Skins on the Line: How likely is it that NiP makes the major?
37:00 Skins on the Line: Likelihood that SK Gaming doesn’t win the CS Summit
40:50 Shameless Plugs

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