SKT head coach cCarter: “I think Peanut will shine the most in the finals.”

With mounting anticipation and speculation ahead of Saturday’s match, all eyes are on the LCK spring split final, as the “Telecom Wars” ignite once again. Looking forward to the finals, KT’s head coach Lee Ji-hoon and SKT’s Choi “cCarter” Byung-hoon told Inven what they expect of the finals, and both coaches felt the same about one topic: the jungle is key.

Lee said his jungler, Go “Score” Dong-bin, will finally be able to remove the jinx of always being in second place, and the number “2” will signify two honors of an LCK championship and the MVP of the final match. He also shared his thoughts on who garners his attention on the other side of the Rift.

“(Blank) has acted as a first-rate firefighter and ended the regular split with good performances,” he said. “I feel like he has successfully become a part of his team.”

Likewise, cCarter praised the abilities of Score, saying that he expects him to be “more prepared than before” in order to take home the win. In a separate interview with Daily eSports, he pointed out Score to be the “largest potential game-changer” but pushed his own jungler, Han “Peanut” Wang-ho, when speaking to Inven.

“I think Peanut will shine the most in the finals,” he said. “We prepared a lot for the finals, and I expect him to do even better than before. I hope the fans look forward to the second finals matchup between Peanut and Score during the previous split.”

Both coaches also felt similarly in that the first game of the series might be able to decide the match’s direction.

Lee said KT was able to “take the match in a direction that was good” after its Game 1 victory against Samsung Galaxy in the semifinals, and that he plans to “pour everything” into the first game. cCarter echoed this sentiment, saying that “there is a high chance that the drafting and the game plan may shift” depending on the first game.

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