Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

When Beyond The Summit announced a Summit for CS:GO, I was pretty excited. They give a certain home feeling that no other event besides TakeTV can do. Because of that, they are completely unaffected by whether or not the current tournament schedule is saturated with events because they give an experience completely different from other events.

My only reticence is that you have to get lucky with the players. So long as the players want to sit on the couch and talk about the games, it works out. You get a lot of funny stories you’d otherwise never hear and a strong insight into the game as the players on the couch discuss the optimal thing to do in a particular situation.

One of my favorite quotes I ever got was from when EternaLEnVy was casting at the Dota 2 summit where he said something along the lines of: When a game is going this bad, I want to create chaos. So much chaos that no one understands Dota anymore. You have to go completely suicidal. Don’t go for the beautiful death, go for the ugly win. Because when you lose, you lose, it doesn’t matter how you lost. Because if both teams understand Dota, then both teams understand that you have lost.”

Usually in the first summit it takes a bit of time for players to get comfortable enough to go on the couch and give their thoughts, but so far the CS:GO one has been a success. Hopefully BTS runs more of these events.


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