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Faker: “(The) LCK win is meaningful for us, but I think making the power of Korea known in an international stage is more important.”

Faker Korea MSI Mid-Season Invitational

Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok quickly turned his attention from the League Champions Korea spring final to the Mid-Season Invitational.

After SK telecom T1 defeated KT Rolster 3-0 Saturday to win the LCK, Faker said in the post-match interview on stream that he was happy about the performance but more focused on representing Korea at MSI, the play-in stage of which begins in a week.

“(The) LCK win is meaningful for us, but I think making the power of Korea known in an international stage is more important,” Faker said. “So we’ll be working just as hard as we did for this finals. I hope many fans support us.”

SKT will enter MSI as the defending champion and is one of three teams to receive an automatic berth in the group stage (along with G2, the European champion, and the Chinese champion, which will be determined Saturday).

As for Saturday’s match, Faker credited KT Rolster and said the players were all skilled individually, but he said that SKT’s preparation gave his team the edge because “we were a little ahead in terms of our mentality.”

Support player Lee “Wolf” Jae-Wan added that this year feels calm compared to last.

“We did well last season as well, but this season it feels like the team atmosphere was good, and we just felt the team felt relaxed,” Wolf said. “So I think that’s why we were able to play so cleanly today.”

The atmosphere in the post-match interview was definitely light, as even legendary coach Kim “kkOma” Jung-Gyun cracked a smile when talking about the running joke of the past year: His unmarried status.

“The joke about me not getting married has been overdone so it’s not that funny anymore,” he said light-heartedly, before zapping back into a focused tone. “We will continue to prepare without losing sight of what our original mindset is.”


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