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IgNar on playing for Misfits, English lessons and goals for the summer split

Slingshot’s Alexandre “DrPuppet” Weber talked to Misfits support player Lee “IgNar” Dong-Eun after the third place match at the European League of Legends Championship Series spring finals.

Slingshot’s Alexandre “DrPuppet” Weber talked to Misfits support player Lee “IgNar” Dong-Eun after the third place match at the European League of Legends Championship Series spring finals. Ignar talked about playing for Misfits, living in Germany, goals for the summer split and about German food.

Alexandre “DrPuppet” Weber: You just played your last match for the spring split 2017, your first LCS split and your second split overall in Europe. How are you feeling right now?

Lee “IgNar” Dong-Eun: I feel really sad because we lost, but I don’t think we had a bad split since we fought for first place in our group. I’m just sad right now because we lost a few minutes ago.

AW: So you are almost an year now with Misfits. How are you liking to be in Europe, playing with Misfits and living in Germany?

LDE: I like Germany and the Misfits team a lot. One thing that I hate about Germany is that when it is late, you can’t go out to eat since all of the stores close early. This is the only thing I don’t enjoy about Germany. The rest is good, though. Besides that, I feel really comfortable with Misfits as a team. I basically feel at home and I get along with all my teammates, so it is really good.

AW: So how is the atmosphere in the team like? For an example, are you still mixing languages in team communication? Or are you only communicating in English as a team?

LDE: Normally I don’t speak in Korean, but sometimes KaKAO speaks in Korean to me, however I just use English. It’s just better for the team. If I don’t speak in English only KaKAO will understand and the three others won’t, and if we split communication (it’s) really bad, so I just use English and KaKAO is getting English lessons and he is getting better. I never got English lessons, so I talk a lot with my teammates, and I think talking with friends is a lot better for learning English.

AW: So we’ve seen Lulu mid being used not only by you guys in Misfits multiple times now, but also by Faker in the LCK. How do you think the new Lulu flex is working out in the meta?

LDE: When we are red side, we already have a plan to pick Lulu first and if the opponent doesn’t pick Leblanc, we take Leblanc. So in case they take Leblanc, we just go with Lulu mid, because PowerOfEvil (Tristan Schrage) said that Lulu wins hard against Leblanc. That was at least our plan, but we did many mistakes and it didn’t work out.

AW: You decided to not ban the Kennen all three games against Fnatic. Did you just feel comfortable playing against it? Or did you have something prepared that just didn’t work out?

LDE: Honestly we didn’t really think about banning Kennen, since we didn’t think we should have changed any of the other bans.

AW: In the beginning of the Split, Misfits started out strong and you were the new guys that didn’t show any fear and took it game by game getting stronger. But by the end of the split things started changing and even today you didn’t perform as dominant as a team. Where do you think was the reason for that?

LDE: When the level of play is getting higher and higher, communication becomes even more important. So in the beginning of the split, everyone wasn’t good in terms of communication or at least on the same level. So when the time passes by and by the end of the split, most teams had solved this issue and got a lot better in communication and ours was kind of stuck in place.

AW: Looking at the season, you made a name for yourself being a playmaking support. Do you feel more comfortable being the guy that carries his team through making plays happen or do you feel more comfortable being the more passive and shot-calling support player?

LDE: I like to engage and carry the team. My goal now is to improve in shot-calling. Since I’m not as good with champions like Karma and Lulu, my shot-calling tends to get a bit slower. So I want to practice a lot and later be able to shot-call better.

AW: Getting to fourth place in your first LCS split isn’t that bad, but do you have any personal goals you want to achieve in the coming summer split? Is there anything else you personally want to achieve — except like everyone else make it to the world championship?

LDE: So for me personally, I don’t want to set first place or worlds as my goal. For me, it is more important to achieve that we play better as a team and solve our communication problems. So I would be fine with losing with the team if it is needed in order for us to improve, and if we can play like that as a team and achieve a high placement, it is even better. My goal might be a bit hard to achieve since it is a team game, but I think we can make it.

AW: So let’s move to the important questions, is the Korean BBQ in Berlin just as good as the one at home? Or do you miss the food at home?

LDE: So I go on a regular basis to Korean shops in Berlin and I found one here in Berlin, which is really because here in Berlin every store has almost the same menu, so it’s fine. However, I miss mom’s food.

AW: Do you like German food?

LDE: It is 50/50. There are things I really like but also some that I just can’t eat. The Korean food here is good, so it’s OK.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games/illustration by Slingshot