Taking Aim: Episode 8 with DeKay and Stuchiu

In this episode of “Taking Aim,” Vince Nairn, Jarek “DeKay” Lewis and Stephen Chiu discuss DreamHack Austin, Gambit’s map pool and how the North American teams did. They also discuss the controversial signing of KQLY by Vexed and whether or not Ninjas in Pyjamas is in trouble. They close by ranking their five best in-game leaders in CSGO today.

Time stamps:

0:00: Dreamhack
10:40: NA performances at Dreamhack
15:30: Vexed/KQLY
19:20: Either/Or: Which means more, Na’vi getting 16-0’d or NiP winning 5 rounds in 3 maps
22:40: Either/Or who has the best chance to beat Astralis? Faze, SK or Other
26:40: Tier List: Top 5 IGLs
33:00: Shameless Plugs

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